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Career Guidance and Mentorship Services

I have been providing career guidance and mentorship to professionals for more than 15 years. Contact me today to schedule a live video discussion and set your career on the right track. All conversations are 100% confidential and catered to your individual circumstances and objectives.

Typical Consultation Topics

- Performing effectively as an investment banking / private equity professional.

- Job search strategy, interviewing techniques, including resume / CV review.

- Negotiating and choosing the best offer. 

- Evaluating whether an MBA is worth pursuing.

- Navigating on-the-job challenges (interpersonal dynamics, underperformance, etc.).

- Evaluating leaving the industry or lateraling. Considerations before joining a startup.

- Working in the US versus Europe and other geographic considerations.

- Establishing work/life balance and managing relationships.

- Avoiding 'lifestyle creep' and establishing the life you actually want.

- Planning for retirement: How much is enough?

- Hundreds of other topics and challenges.


- All consultations are charged at a rate of $99/hour, pro rated for actual time spent.

- Will accept payment in USD, GBP, or EUR.


- I maintain a high degree of scheduling flexibility to conduct the consultation at a time which is convenient to you.

- There is no penalty for rescheduling.  

Implementation Planning
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