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Charlie Rossetti

Charlie started his professional career as an investment banking analyst, advising business owners and private equity firms on the sales of their business. He spent the subsequent 13 years as a private equity investor focused on acquiring and growing small and medium sized businesses. He held seats or observer rights on the Board of Directors of more than 10 businesses across the United States and Europe. He currently serves as an advisor to New Way Language Learning.


In addition to his professional pursuits, Charlie is an active football (soccer) player and lover of languages. He is currently learning Italian and can frequently be found attempting to practice his Spanish. Forever a nomad, Charlie splits his time between London, Florida, and Italy.

Charlie received a BS in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University and a Masters of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Our Services

Career Guidance and Mentorship Services

I have been providing career guidance and mentorship to professionals for more than 15 years. Contact me today to schedule a live video discussion and set your career on the right track. All conversations are 100% confidential and catered to your individual circumstances and objectives.

Typical Consultation Topics

- Performing effectively as an investment banking / private equity professional.

- Job search strategy, including positioning the reasons for leaving your prior firm.

- Negotiating and choosing the best offer. 

- Evaluating whether an MBA is worth pursuing and making the most of your MBA.

- Navigating on-the-job challenges (interpersonal dynamics, underperformance, etc.).

- Effective communication and developing 'Executive Presence.'

- Maintaining your mental health in high-pressure environments.

- Managing junior employees and effectively 'managing up.'

- Understanding equity documents (carried interest, co-investment, stock options, etc.)

- Evaluating leaving the industry or lateraling. Considerations before joining a startup.

- Working in the US versus Europe and other geographic considerations.

- Establishing work/life balance and managing relationships.

- Avoiding 'lifestyle creep' and establishing the life you actually want.

- Planning for retirement: How much is enough?

- Hundreds of other topics and challenges.


- All consultations are charged at a rate of $240/hour, pro rated for actual time spent.

- Will accept payment in USD, GBP, or EUR.


- I maintain a high degree of scheduling flexibility to conduct the consultation at a time which is convenient to you, including nights and weekends.

- There is no cost or penalty for rescheduling. 

- Send an email to to schedule a session.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are common topics you discuss with clients?

No topic is out of bounds. While the majority of conversations are focused on professional matters, a great deal of clients also seek guidance on personal matters such as relationships, establishing friendships, moving to a new city or country, retirement planning, and finding overall life satisfaction.

How do I schedule a session?

Simply send an email to and I will reply with my availability.

How much advance notice do you need?

While at least a day or two notice is preferred, I acknowledge that some matters require immediate attention. I always try to accommodate requests for impromptu calls.

How frequently do you hold sessions with clients?

Session frequency depends entirely on the client's needs and desires. Some clients are seeking a one-time 'sanity check' to make sure their career trajectory is on track while others desire ongoing dialogue throughout a job search or negotiation.

How many clients do you work with?

Since founding Rossetti Advisors, I have worked with more than 100 clients located across the world, including the United States, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Dubai, among others. With dozens of active clients, I maintain a high degree of visibility into industry trends and best practices. 

What are your office hours?

With clients located all over the world, many of my calls take place in the evenings as well as weekends to accommodate all time zones and my clients' very demanding work schedules.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

There is no penalty for canceling a session. I appreciate that schedules can change suddenly and you may need to cancel or reschedule last minute.

What is the cost?

Sessions are billed at a rate of $240/hr. There is no minimum session length and no need to decide how long you wish to speak in advance of the call. Clients are free to end the session at any point and will only be billed for actual time spent on the call.

How are payments made?

I accept payment across many currencies and platforms, including Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Transfers (USD + GBP). Cost is calculated by converting USD to your chosen currency as of the day of the call.

How do you handle confidentiality?

All communication, including your initial outreach, is 100% confidential. Many individuals who utilize my services have been laid off or are engaged in confidential negotiations. 

Other Questions??

Send your questions to for a prompt response.

Case Study: Separation Negotiation, Job Search, and Performance

Sector: Private Equity

Title: Principal

Location: USA

The Situation

The client approached Rossetti Advisors in 2022 seeking assistance in negotiating separation from their employer and guidance through their job search. Upon securing and starting the new job, the client sought performance coaching. 

The Process

Charlie worked closely with the client, conducting multiple weekly phone calls to prepare them for their negotiations with their former employer. He simultaneously crafted and refined the most appropriate positioning to explain the separation and highlight the client's capabilities in interviews.  

The Result

The client received a substantial monetary sum in addition to favorable separation terms. The client simultaneously secured a new role and negotiated a more senior title and higher pay package than initially offered. Furthermore, at the client's first annual performance review, they received very positive feedback and a bonus at the top of their target range.

Case Study: Career Assessment and Performance

Sector: Venture Capital

Title: Associate

Location: USA

The Situation

The client was approaching the end of their tenure at a Venture Capital firm and was seeking guidance on next steps. 

The Process

Charlie discussed and evaluated potential career paths for the client. Charlie devised a strategy to extend the client's time at the client's current employer given poor market conditions and the client's strong reputation within the organization. Charlie also worked with the client to prioritize job responsibilities and focus effort in a way that maximized organizational impact.

The Result

The client utilized Charlie's positioning and coaching to request and obtain a one year extension. During that time, through ongoing coaching, the client was able to convince their employer of the client's long term value and ultimately secured a Senior Associate promotion and converted the role to the first ever Partner track position at the firm.

Case Study: Job Search and Separation Communication

Sector: Private Equity

Title: Managing Director

Location: Europe

The Situation

The client approached Rossetti Advisors seeking assistance in conducting a confidential job search for a senior level position at an upper middle market fund. Upon securing the position, he sought guidance on effectively communicating and maximizing the terms of the separation.

The Process

Charlie worked extensively with the client, conducting more than 100 sessions over a 12 month period and providing full interview preparation, including positioning, mock interviews, case study reviews, and executive presence coaching. He reviewed written correspondence and related legal documentation (offer letters, carried interest documentation, separation agreement terms, etc.). 

The Result

The client secured a job at a premier private equity fund with an elevated title and set of responsibilities, including a carried interest package worth in excess of $20 million. The client negotiated an amicable separation from their prior PE firm that preserved their relationship and maximized exit terms and compensation.

Case Study: Job Search

Sector: Private Equity

Title: Senior Associate

Location: USA

The Situation

The client was disappointed with their current position that was heavily portfolio focused with limited new deal exposure despite high performance. The client approached Rossetti Advisors in 2022 to secure a new position.

The Process

Charlie provided extensive coaching, including positioning strategy, mock interviews, case study & modeling preparation, and an introduction to a highly relevant industry contact.

The Result

The client secured a position at a larger, highly reputable fund focused on a sector that aligned with the client's interests. The client was ultimately rated as the highest performing senior associate and given an accelerated promotion path to Vice President.

Case Study: Office Politics and Developing Executive Presence

Sector: Investment Banking

Title: Director

Location: USA

The Situation

The client had recently lateraled to a full service investment bank and sought guidance on establishing a positive reputation, navigating complicated office politics, motivating junior staff, developing a sourcing strategy, and positioning themselves for a Managing Director role.

The Process

Charlie provided the client with highly tactical techniques to address all of the above issues. He reviewed and provided feedback on the client's strategic plan and prepared the client in advance of critical meetings with internal bank executives. Charlie also provided strategies for navigating a handful of complex office politics in the midst of firm layoffs and restructuring.

The Result

The client was able to rapidly develop a positive reputation within not only their own group and office, but the broader bank as well. Despite market turmoil and layoffs, the client received bonuses significantly above market in both 2022 and 2023.

Case Study: Industry Switch

Sector: Private Debt to Public Equity Investing

Title: Associate

Location: Europe

The Situation

The client had recently received notice that they were being let go and sought guidance on positioning their story and securing a role in a different financial subsector. 

The Process

Charlie crafted a story for the client to explain the rationale for the client's termination and prepared the client for interviews. He also assisted the client in evaluating a variety of alternative financial services roles that may be better suited for the client's strengths.

The Result

In less than three months, the client secured a position that offered significantly higher compensation, better work-life-balance, and an environment more suitable to the client. The client has successfully been in the position for more than a year and committed to their new subsector long term.


Vice President, Private Equity, USA

“Charlie has been a valued mentor for me at multiple stages of my career. Charlie recently advised me on a complex career transition, including serving as a sounding board on my recruiting strategy and negotiating an exit with a prior firm. Charlie's perspective is balanced, honest, and informed by a diverse and successful professional background. I felt more confident executing on a major career pivot with him in my corner."

Vice President, Private Equity, USA

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Charlie for several years and he has been an invaluable resource to me throughout my career. From interview prep for my first job in PE, to MBA admissions guidance into a top 3 program, all the way through becoming a Vice President in Private Equity, Charlie's vast knowledge and experience gave me confidence for my overall interview and recruiting process."

Associate Director (Marketing), Biotech, USA

“For five years, I've sought Charlie's advice around interviewing, career progression, salary negotiation, and company politics. His range of industry experience coupled with previous board positions gives me an edge when navigating management and HR. I recommend him to my friends.”

Analyst, Investment Banking, Europe

“I first connected with Charlie in 2020 as a recent graduate looking to break into banking. After successfully landing a role at a top tier investment bank in London later that year, Charlie has now been helping me think through the pros and cons of transitioning to PE. I always appreciate his straightforward, realistic perspective backed by examples from his 15+ years of industry experience.”

Investment Manager, Private Equity, Europe

“Charlie was instrumental in guiding me through the nuances of a challenging work situation. He also restructured my entire CV and refined my story, enabling me to ultimately transition to a larger PE fund. I now feel I have a positive career trajectory and couldn't be happier with my current fund. I am grateful for Charlie's advice that helped me through this process and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any professional looking for guidance.”
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